Stock Market Prediction 15th December 2017

* The Sun-Saturn union from next week will cause a lot of upheaval for 1 month in the political, gold and pharma sector.

* On 18-12-2017 results of the Gujarat elections will be declared. Hence accordingly make your position.

*  9.15 to 11.11 overall Nifty will remain positive.

* From 11.11 to 12.44 Nifty will go down.

* 12.44 to 13.50 Nifty will go

Stock Market Prediction 14th December 2017

* Today do delivery based work.

* Around 10.40 short sell and around 11.35 square off Nifty.

* Buy Nifty around 12.00 and sell around 13.25.

*  Only these 2 trends are clear today. But if you want to do BTST, then buy around 15.25 and sell it tomorrow at 9.40.



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Stock Market Prediction 13th December 2017

*  Both today and tomorrow, the Moon will be in a good position. Hence Intraday will be highly beneficial.

* 9.15 to 9.50 a very risky trend is expected. Thus don't take any position.

* Make 2 parts of the period from 9.50 to 12.55. Wherein, Nifty will go up in the first part and come down in the second part. Hence you will come back at the same place. Thus accordin

Stock Market Prediction 12th December 2017

* Astrologically, a major change is not indicated. Hence it will be a routine day.

* 9.15 to 10.00 will be today's most volatile period. You will witness solid movement on both sides. Thus deal accordingly.

* 10.00 to 11.00 Nifty will remain at a fixed figure, which shall be on the positive side. But the movement will be less.

* Between 11.00 to 12.33, expect s

Stock Market Prediction 8th December 2017

* The phase-1 of Gujarat polls will take place tomorrow and the countdown will now start. Hence Ganesha strongly feels that you can get a good profit by working cautiously and by doing delivery based work.

* Between 9.15 to 10.15, Nifty will remain mixed to positive.

* 10.15 to 11.11 Nifty will go up.

* 11.11 to 13.06 Nifty will go down.

* 13.06 to 14.14

Stock Market Prediction 6th December 2017

* The Moon & Saturn are fully aspecting each other today. Hence the process and liquidity will be slow, but intraday will be enjoyable.

* Today, focus on bank Nifty and do delivery based work. Do not take any risks, even by mistake, else you will lose.

*  From 9.15 to 10.54 Deal with a margin of 1 rupee only. And, if it is not necessary, avoid trading because this i

Stock Market Prediction 5th December 2017

* The Moon is in Rahu's constellation today, hence you will get confused. But it is a good day for intraday.

* Looking at the planets, it seems that you should focus more on Nifty today instead of bank Nifty.

* Between 9.15 and 10.15, Nifty will go in a steady format, hence wait for the opening.

* Between 10.15 and 13.25, expect a mixed trend at Nifty. Wherein,

Stock Market Prediction 4th December 2017

* On 18-12-2017, the results of elections in Gujarat will be announced. Hence accordingly make your position.

* Between 9.15 and 11.40, Nifty will play in a fixed range and is likely to be slightly positive.

* 11.40 to 13.15 Expect a down pattern in Nifty.

* 13.15 to 14.23, Again an upward trend will be seen in Nifty.

* From 14.23 till the closing bell ex

Stock Market Prediction 1st December 2017

*  Jupiter is aspecting the Moon today. Hence, we will once again see movement in the market.

* Liquidity in the market will also increase today. Thus, do intraday to get a good profit.

* 9.15 to 9.30 Nifty will be flat to slightly negative.

* 9.30 to 11.50 Nifty will go up.

* 11.50 to 13.25 Nifty will go down.

* 13.25 to 14.34 Nifty will m

Stock Market Prediction 30th November 2017

*  The Mars-Jupiter conjunction will now boost the education sector in the coming days.

*  The Moon is weak today. Hence do delivery based work.

* Avoid small cap stocks.

* The planets indicate that you may face several obstacles in the market and in your personal life today.

* 9.15 to 11.25 Avoid trading as the market trend will be very boring.

Stock Market Prediction 29th November 2017

* The Moon and Mars are aspecting each other. Hence you will get a good profit by dealing quickly in the market today.

*  9.15 to 9.55 expect lots of volatility in Nifty. Hence just do jobbing and avoiding taking any major position.

* 9.55 to 11.40 Nifty will be strong.

* 11.40 to 13.40 profit booking in Nifty-50 stocks will influence Nifty.

* 13.40

Stock Market Prediction 28th November 2017

* Since Venus is now in conjunction with the Sun, stocks like Media and Food may remain on the soft side.

* Today's pattern may be same as yesterday. But wait for the opening and then take a decision.

* 9.15 to 10.15 Nifty will make a flat pattern, which may be parallel to the surface.

*  10.15 to 11.55 the overall view at Nifty is positive.

* 11

Stock Market Prediction 27th November 2017

* Overall Nifty was 102 points plus during the last week.

*  The Moon is in Rahu's constellation today. Hence stay alert because a confusing pattern is indicated.

* 9.15 to 12.00 Nifty will remain within a fixed pattern, which is likely to be on the up side.

*  12.00 to 13.40 Nifty will form a down pattern.

* 13.40 to 14.40 Nifty will go up.

Stock Market Prediction 22nd November 2017

* Only take position for 3 or 4 days, and avoid taking a long position.

* Good day for Intraday. But trade with delivery capacity, else you will get trapped.

* Only do jobbing during the initial 3 hours.

* Around 12:12 short sell Nifty and around 13:30 square off.

* Around 13:40 buy Nifty and around 15:00 square it off.



Stock Market Prediction 21th November 2017

* Expect a very slow pattern in the market during the next 3 days.

* Opening to 1૦:4૦ Nifty trend will be mixed to positive.

* 10:40 to 12:30 Nifty will maintain a fixed positive trend, which will be boring.


The views and predictions expressed here are those of the author, and not that of the website or its management. a

Stock Market Prediction 20th November 2017

* Overall, the conjunction of Sun, Moon and Mercury may not be favourable.

* Do not expect too much because the auspicious planet Moon will remain very weak throughout this week.

*  09:15 to 12:40 overall view at Nifty is positive.

* 12:40 to 14:30 Nifty trend may be negative.

* 14:30 to 15:30 Nifty may be positive.


The vie

Stock Market Prediction 17th November 2017

* The Sun has now changed signs.

* Today is a zero weightage day. Hence avoid trading and just take a break.

* Yet, if you want to trade, proceed at your own risk!

* Between 9.15 and 11.30, Nifty will maintain some strength.


The views and predictions expressed here are those of the author, and not that of the website or its management. in

Stock Market Prediction 16th November 2017

* 17-11-2017 is a zero weightage day, and you will get an indication about the same today.

* Ganesha feels that the market will relax a little bit today.

*  Remain alert today, as the conjunction of 4 planets Sun-Venus-Jupiter-Moon will confuse both, you and the market.

*  Libra natives should maintain a slightly balancing nature today.

Stock Market Prediction 15th November 2017

*  This is a very amazing day!

* The Moon and Mars are also together in the Navmansh, which will be very good for delivery based intraday.

* Do not work without delivery capacity, because tomorrow is not very good.

*  From opening to 12.55 the trend is not clear. Hence do jobbing or avoid trading.


The views and predictions expre

Stock Market Prediction 14th November 2017

*  Very nice day for intraday and also expect good speed due to the Moon-Mars conjunction.

* From 9.15 to 10.55 Nifty will maintain up trend with volatility on both the sides.

*  Between 10.55 to 11.30 Nifty will jump upwards, but the slot is too small. Hence it is difficult to tell the number of points.


The views and predictions expresse

Stock Market Prediction 13th November 2017

* Friends, 8th November passed during the last week... you must have remembered this date. Demonetization has completed one year and the government is also considering making many changes in the GST. Elections will also be held in Gujarat during December, hence the political atmosphere has now charged up.

*  Let us now discuss the movement of planets and the Nifty trend amidst th

Stock Market Prediction 10th November 2017

* Remember that the Moon and Rahu are still together today.

* Divide the whole day in 3 parts.

*  During the 1st part from 9.15 to 13.15 Nifty will go up.

* During the 2nd part till 14.55 Nifty will go down.

* During the 3rd part till end of the day Nifty will go up.


The views and predictions expressed here are those of the

Stock Market Prediction 9th November 2017

* Today and tomorrow, Moon and Rahu will be together. Hence, it will cause an illusion that something amazing will happen  in the market. But, nothing special is likely, yet you must remain alert.

* From 9.15 to 11.25 will be the most risky time-frame of today, as you will witness lots of volatility on both the sides. Thus, do Intraday.

* The period between 11.25 to 13.

Stock Market Prediction 8th November 2017

* Today the Moon is in Ardra Nakshatra, which will cause lots of confusion. Hence take care before taking your position.

* Only 2 trends are likely.

* Between 11.4૦ to 13.4o Nifty will slowly go down.

*  From 13.4o till end of the day, Nifty will slowly go up.



The views and predictions expressed here are those of t

Stock Market Prediction 7th November 2017

* On,૦7-11-2૦17,૦8-11-2૦17 and૦9-11-2૦17 assume that the market will open after 9.3o, because you will not understand the trend during the initial 15 minutes.

* From 9.3૦ to 11.39 Nifty will pass time and also go up.

* Between 11.39 to 13.13 buying in "A” group stocks at Nifty is foreseen, but don't think that it will be for all the scrips.