Stock Market Prediction 18th October 2017

* Today is perfect for Intraday. You will enjoy by trading with delivery capacity.

* Practically speaking, only 2-3 trends are foreseen, as there is no clear trend today.

* The forthcoming 4 days will consecutively be a holiday. Hence, avoid risky deals, as you may remain anxious during the good days of Diwali.

* At around the opening sell Nifty, and take an exit o

Stock Market Prediction 17th October 2017

*  Today Nifty will immediately go down from the opening level. Hence, wait till the opening.

*  Between 9.33 to 1૦.33 Nifty may go down.

* From 1૦.33 to 13.1૦ Nifty will follow the pattern of Asian markets, which shall be a time-pass and on the up side.

* Between 13.1o till the closing bell, stock specific work is mostly foreseen. Hence, frequently

Stock Market Prediction 16th October 2017

*  Today from opening to 1o.4o the market will be highly volatile, hence avoid taking a long position, and change your position after every 2o minutes.

*  Between 1૦.4૦ to 15.15 Nifty will remain within a particular range on the up side.

*  Selling pressure is indicated during the last 15 minutes.


The views and predictions expres

Stock Market Prediction 13th October 2017

* The Moon and Rahu will be in conjunction today. Hence, it is a very confusing day, says Ganesha.

* Avoid trading during the initial 15 minutes, and then take a decision.

* From 9.3o to 9.5o Nifty will go up. But, it is better to avoid trading during this very small slot.

* Between 1o.5o to 12.5o Nifty will remain around a psychological figure.

* From 12

Stock Market Prediction 12th October 2017

* Today, from the opening till 11.oo, overall Nifty will go down.

* Between 11.oo to 13.13 buying in “A” group stocks is foreseen. Hence, do stock specific work.

* From 13.13 to 13.5o Nifty will jump upwards. But, this period will be very small, hence it is difficult to tell the number of points.

* Between 13.5o till the closing bell, avoid small cap an

Stock Market Prediction 11th October 2017

* Today, from the opening till 11.oo, overall Nifty will go down.

* Between 11.oo to 13.13 buying in “A” group stocks is foreseen. Hence, do stock specific work.

* From 13.13 to 13.5o Nifty will jump upwards. But, this period will be very small, hence it is difficult to tell the number of points.

* Between 13.5o till the closing bell, avoid small cap an

Stock Market Prediction 10th October 2017

* Today Venus will change signs and move into Virgo sign. As a result, volatility in Media stocks will increase.

* As predicted by Ganesha, Nifty went down during the last month, and now Nifty is again going up.

* Today, from 9.15 to 10.00 overall Nifty will maintain the surface level.

* Between 1o.oo to 11.11 Nifty will go down.

* From 11.11 to 13.26 jus

Stock Market Prediction 9th October 2017

* Next week - 19th, 20th, 21st and 22ndOctober 2017 will be trading holidays. Hence, avoid taking a long position.

* Today, from 9.15 to 11.15 just do jobbing, because Nifty will make a highly volatile pattern.

* Between 11.15 to 15.3o the overall view at Nifty is positive. Thus, accordingly take your position.


The views and predictions expressed h

Stock Market Prediction 6th October 2017

* Ganesha feels that Media and Entertainment stocks will be more volatile today.

* Divide the period from 9.15 to 11.15 in 2 parts. Wherein, Nifty will go up in the 1st part, and thereafter Nifty shall equally go down in the 2nd part.

* During the slot from 11.15 to 15.3o, overall Nifty shall go up. Moreover, we are just providing you the sensitive points, which are as

Stock Market Prediction 5th October 2017

* Ganesha feels that today you are likely to deal very quickly and emotionally.

* But, Ganesha cautions you from October that you should also reshuffle your portfolio at the same time.

* From 9.15 to 1o.15 the overall view is slightly positive.

* Between 1o.15 to 11.15 Nifty will be negative.

* From 11.15 to 13.4o Nifty will remain in a particular range,

Stock Market Prediction 4th October 2017

*The Moon will be in Purva Bhadrapada Nakshatra today, which can be termed as average.

* Only 2 trends are useful today, whereas the remaining period will be uninteresting, and hence it shall be a boring day.

* You are advised to deal as per your financial capacity.

* At around 1o.1o sell Nifty and at around 11.21 buy Nifty.

*At around 13.13 again buy Nif

Stock Market Prediction 3rd October 2017

*  Friends, once again Ganesha's prediction has come true. Wherein, Nifty went down during zero weightage between the period from 12-૦9-2૦17 to 28-૦9-2o17.

*  Today from opening to 11.3૦ Nifty will pass time around the surface. You are likely to earn a good profit by doing Intraday.

*  Between 11.3૦ to 15.3૦ do jobbing on the up side, you will

Stock Market Prediction 29th September 2017

* From 9.15 to 1o.29 will be a very volatile and risky period. Hence, avoid taking a long position.

* Between 1o.29 to 11.49 “A” group stocks may go down, and hence negatively influence Nifty.

* From 11.49 to 12.59 take a tea break, as there will be less movement. But, overall it shall be positive.

* Between 12.59 to 14.o9 Nifty may go down around

Stock Market Prediction 28th September 2017

* From opening to 11.5o Nifty trend will be mixed to negative, hence keep buyingselling.

* Between 11.5o to 14.5o Nifty may pass time, and you will also witness positive effects of the Asian market.

* From 14.5o till the next 10 minutes expect a correction, wherein profit booking is foreseen.

* During the last 30 minutes, expect a ray of hope on the positive side a

Stock Market Prediction 27th September 2017

* This is a very amazing day, because each planet is in conjunction with some other planet.

* This is best day for Intraday due to the Moon-Saturn, Sun-Mercury and Mars-Venus combination.

* Take your position as per your delivery capacity today.

* At around 1o.33 sell Nifty and at around 11.44 buy Nifty.

* At around 12.o5 buy Nifty and exit at around 14.2

Stock Market Prediction 25th September 2017

* Next Monday will be a holiday, hence accordingly take your position.

* You must have observed that 21st and 22nd September were marked in red colour in our book.

* Friends, one year ago, we had predicted in the monthly report of our book that 22- ૦9-2૦17 will be a zero weightage day.

* From opening to 12.1o wait till the market becomes steady.

* Bet

Stock Market Prediction 22nd September 2017

* From 9.15 to 1o.25 Nifty will be mixed to negative.

* Between 1o.25 to 1૦.53 Nifty will bounce.

* From 1૦.53 to 12.૦3 Nifty will move downwards.

* Between 12.૦3 to 13.13 Nifty will go up.

* From 13.13 to 14.23 there will be a correction around the beginning and the ending time. Whereas, rest of the period will be positive.

* At around

Stock Market Prediction 21st September 2017

* Today is a zero weightage day. Hence, it would be better to plan before taking any risk.

* Actually, you should not do Intraday. Yet, you will do so. Ganesha is therefore predicting accordingly.

* From 9.15 to 9.3o Nifty will try to remain positive.

* Between 9.3o to 1o.39 Nifty will remain soft.

* Divide the period from 1o.49 to 12.2o into 2 parts. Whe

Stock Market Prediction 20th September 2017

* Deal as per your delivery capacity today, advises Ganesha.

* No clear trend is foreseen today. Hence, do not depend on anyone while trading.

* Pre-opening to 11.૦7 a zig-zag pattern is indicated. Thus, deal accordingly to avoid problems.

* From 11.૦7 to 12.17 you will witness mixed to negative results.

* Around 12.17 a jump is expected, and thereaft

Stock Market Prediction 19th September 2017

* From the astrological viewpoint, major changes are not foreseen today.

* Ganesha advises you to pray for your ancestors today and tomorrow.

* Between the opening to 1o.4o Nifty will pass time. Hence, only keep buying and selling.

* During this very small slot from 1o.4o to 11.11 expect a slight technical bounce. But, it is difficult to tell the number of points.<

Stock Market Prediction 18th September 2017

*  Lord Jupiter has now entered Libra sign, which will be highly auspicious for Libra and Aries natives.

* You should remain cautious today, as 4 planets Mercury, Mars, Moon and Venus are together.

*  The opening will be positive, but after some time Nifty shall go down, and remain negative till 12.4o. Hence, stay very alert while trading.

*  From 12

Stock Market Prediction 15th September 2017

* The opening will be positive and immediately thereafter, a downward trend will start. Hence, accordingly take your position.

* From 9.29 to 1o.53 Nifty will go down.

* Between 1o.53 to 11.25 Nifty will go up.

* From 11.25 to 12.31 Nifty will move downwards.

* Between 12.31 to 13.41 Nifty will move upwards.

* From 13.41 to 15.3o overall, there

Stock Market Prediction 14th September 2017

* You are likely to remain confused today, as the Moon will be posited in Rahu's Nakshatra. Hence, accordingly take your position.

* From the opening till 9.43 Nifty will go up.

* Between 9.43 to 12.31 Nifty will pass time on the down side.

* The period from 12.31 to 12.59 will be very risky and you may also get confused. Moreover, selling pressure in Nifty is

Stock Market Prediction 13th September 2017

* At around the opening time, the market trend will be positive, and thereafter till 12.45 the market will go down, step by step.

* From 12.45 to 13.55 Nifty is likely to bounce.

* At around 13.55 and 15.o5 a correction is expected. Whereas, during rest of time Nifty will go up.


The views and predictions expressed here are those of the author, and

Stock Market Prediction 12th September 2017

* From today onwards, Lord Jupiter will be posited in Libra sign. Hence, Libra and Aries natives will now be able to complete many projects, indirectly.

* Be prepared to do Intraday as per your capacity.

* At around 9.3o sell Nifty and at around 1o.22 buy Nifty.

* Again at around 11.22 sell Nifty and at around 12.58 again buy Nifty.

* At around 13.o5 buy