Published on 8/06/2019 5:23: | Source: ANI

Dhoni`s sporting `balidan` badge has been blown out of proportion: Lt Gen (Retd) Vinod Bhatia

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New Delhi

Indian wicket keeper MS Dhoni sported a pair of wicket keeping gloves with regimental dagger insignia of the Indian Para Special Force during India’s World Cup 2019 opener against South Africa in Southampton. While speaking to ANI, Lieutenant General (Retd) Vinod Bhatia said, “What MS Dhoni has done by supporting 'balidan' on his gloves, is being blown out of proportion. There's nothing political or religious or commercial about it”. He added, “There are many instances earlier when sportspersons have supported a cause. Pakistan team themselves in 2016, when they played at Lord's, they dedicated it to Pak Army. When Dhoni wears a badge, Pakistan has a problem, some of us within India have a problem, ICC has a problem”.