Published on 17/05/2019 1:45 | Source: ANI

Here`s why Selena Gomez is cautious on social media

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New Delhi :

Cannes film festival is currently underway and is seeing the who's who from the industry taking the red carpet by storm. American singer Selena Gomez too graced the red carpet of the film festival and opened up about the dark side of social media.

The 26-year-old star says she has become more private about her life in recent years as she is battling personal turmoil. Gomez, who has more than 150 million followers on Instagram, is less active on the photo-sharing application than many other celebrities amid her health struggles, reported E! News. At a Cannes press conference for her new movie titled 'The Dead Don't Die', she addressed the issue of social media and the exposure surrounding it. She also said how the platform is terrible for the current.