Published on 15/05/2019 2:26 | Source: ANI

Physical, mental health of seniors linked to optimism, wisdom, loneliness: Study

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New Delhi :

Advancing age is broadly associated with declining cognitive, physical and mental health. As part of a new study, researchers analysed how distinctive factors, such as wisdom, loneliness, income and sleep quality, impact - for good and bad - the physical and mental functioning of older persons. A team of researchers found that physical health correlated with both cognitive function and mental health. Specifically, cognitive function was significantly associated with physical mobility, wisdom, and satisfaction with life. Physical health was associated with mental well-being, resilience, and younger age. Mental health was linked to optimism, self-compassion, income and lower levels of loneliness and sleep disturbances. According to researchers, most people focus on diseases and risk factors, like old age, unhealthy diet and lack of activity. These are important, of course, but we also need to focus on areas that make up the whole person. According to the researcher, aging persons do not