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Published on 18/09/2018 2:28:52 PM | Source: PNB Housing Finance Ltd

Corporate FDs back in trend; are they worth it?

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Asset allocation is critical in today`s time and investors are smartly planning and investing money in to multiple asset class like Gold, Equity and Debt however in the current market scenario where there is a lot of global uncertainty because of trade wars and the way US dollar has strengthen against all emerging market currencies it has become all together more important that the investors park their debt portfolio into some relatively safer ideas.  

When it comes to debt investments more and more investors are opting for Corporate FDs and FDs offered by housing finance companies over traditional bank FDs as they typically offer 0.50% to 2% more in comparison to banks for similar periods and hence their popularity is increasing day by day.  

Here we would like to talk about PNB Housing Finance Limited which is a 30 years old housing finance company (HFC) with branches in all the major cities in India and  is promoted by Punjab National Bank. Investors instead of investing money with one type of sector or entity and diversify opting for options like PNB Housing Finance which has solid track record and is one of the prominent players in the housing finance sector.  

The good part is that HFCs like PNB Housing Finance enjoy relatively higher credit rating that indicates highest level of safety to investors. 

Some of the other benefits available to investors are that they can apply for loans on the deposits or can withdraw the money subject to applicable terms and hence to an extent there is liquidity available to investors and in case of emergency the money is available to investor.  

The other major benefit for retail investors is ease of dealing with a strong HFC like PNB Housing Finance Limited as it has a robust network of branches spread across the India which could help customers avail services seamlessly.  

PNB Housing is also known for its innovation and for its digital interventions that bring ease in transacting with the Company, from anywhere and anytime. The latest addition ‘Online FDs’ will allow applicants to create deposits in just 3 simple steps with the help of e-KYC. The auto-renewal and online redemption are other distinctive advantages of the feature.   

Overall Fixed deposit is amongst the easiest saving instruments available today. It is widely understood and one does not require a financial expertise to invest in FD and PNB Housing Finance Limited is one of the good option for investors.


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(Disclaimer: Investment in Debt Fund or FD is subject to Credit and Market Risk. Investors can lose Interest and entire Principal amount on default. Please Read Scheme related Offer Documents Before Investing. Consult with your qualified Investment Advisor before making any investments. )