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Published on 22/06/2018 5:07:47 PM | Source:

Plan Investments for Retirement With Fixed Deposits

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While everyone plans for big milestones of their life, one should also plan the retirement. And to ensure a similar lifestyle after retirement, it is required start investing money from an early age. There are various investment options available to invest the hard-earned savings that can be used after retirement. One of the most popular investment options for Indian citizens planning for their retirement is fixed deposits. Fixed-income investors scouting for higher rates can now also look at company FD. Bajaj Finance Ltd., the lending and investment arm of Bajaj Finserv has increased their Fixed Deposit interest rates for senior citizens to 8.75%.  

Bajaj Finance Ltd., the lending arm of Bajaj Finserv offers the best rate on interest for a minimum investment amount of Rs. 25,000. Accorded 'FAAA/Stable' rating by CRISIL and 'MAAA (Stable)' rating by ICRA Bajaj Finance Ltd Fixed Deposit holds the highest degree of safety regarding timely payment of interest and principal on the instrument.